Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The relevance of storyboards in animated explainer videos

The unfinished sketches or casual doodling as many call it, are in fact one of the most important stages of pre-production while making videos of any kind. It’s called the storyboard and is the next big step after script of the animated explainer video is finalized. It’s essential as it helps clients to have a visual idea of what’s going to happen in the video.
Storyboards are parts of all types of videos i.e; Motion Picture, Animation, Motion Graphics or Interactive Media. They first started being used by Walt Disney artists and since then are in use. The time taken to prepare a storyboard completely depends on how detailed oriented the artist wants it as it can be very time consuming or can even be done over a cup of coffee! But mostly, storyboards are kept simple and the detailing is done while the final graphics are prepared. Why it’s helpful is because you can see if the story plot or sequences planned for the animated explainer video is following the original expectation or not.
The process of story boarding is followed by ‘Animistic’. At this stage the images are put together in sequence for the viewer to get a better idea of how the video will look and feel with motion and timing.
The most important benefit of story boarding is it’s one of the very first stages in video creation, so there’s a lot of room for making changes. There’s full freedom for the concept artists to experiment and see what turns out and works to be the best.
It’s not a hidden fact that some scripts only look good on paper. Just as it goes into story boarding any mistake can be soon caught and remedied.
That’s the whole logic behind why storyboards are made in the first place. They bring out the areas of improvement such as scene balance, repetitive scenes, complex drawings etc. They also highlight some new opportunities followed by changes.
For a second, let’s imagine a world without storyboards. What would it be like? A writer hands over the script to the graphics artist who works on the final graphics and hands it over to the animator. The animator without any clue of animation starts animating. There’s a 110% chance the animation would turn out to be… let’s say… not satisfactory. Here’s the reason why : The writer writes the script imagining something, the graphic designer similarly imagines while making the drawing and the animator imagines something totally different while animating the animated explainer video.
While preparing the storyboard, all these major characters, the writer, graphic artists and animators all sit together and discuss their thoughts on the script. A very important step where everyone chips in their thoughts.
Storyboard facilitates good communication among'st the animated explainer video makers with very little room for misunderstanding in the working process.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Ingredients of a Great Corporate Presentation!

Contrary to what many people think, in order for a corporate presentation to be great, it shouldn’t be totally jargon dominated. It’s a common misconception that a presentation which lays a lot of emphasis on the technical part, gains favorable reception over the others. You’d be surprised if I tell you that the secret to a great corporate presentation is “simplicity”!
Great presentations are the ones that drive people to action; they stir people up and help them make a decision on the spot.
Good presentations talk about facts, great presentations tell stories! Unlike plain facts being thrown at you; a presentation replete with a story speaks directly to you and delivers an emotional impact on the audience. A great presentation takes the audience through an emotional roller coaster that elicits a decision right then and there!
Great presentations are persuasive in nature and help guide people towards the adoption of an action or an idea. Adding an emotional impact helps you strike a chord with your audience. It helps to bring the audience members to a point where they make a decision.
Simplicity is the key to delivering a presentation marvel! Focus on what’s basic and weave a story around it, adding elements of persuasion and voila! “You’re ready with your pitch”!

Monday, 20 February 2017

What does a pitch video do for business?

The world today is fiercely competitive. It becomes very important for every business to remain unique. Think of it, when you pitch your idea to a client, there are dozens of other competitors ready with their pitches. And more or less their offering is going to be the same. Who would the client give his/her business to? The potential service provider who impressed him/her the most.
That impression building starts right from the RFI (Request for Information) you send to the client. It’s natural that you would want to pack the RFI with lots of data and information on your company’s past achievements. How about packing the PPT with a pitch video? For e.g; if your company is into electronic surveillance, then along the PPT which you usually send as an RFI, you can send a pitch video done in animation. You can put in images of all the dynamic work you have done for other clients and see the difference for yourself.
PowerPoint presentation from other competitors must be already at the doorstep of your competitors but they will surely be impressed with a pitch video about a business which subconsciously gives you more credit.
Now the stage is set, you have got a positive response to the RFI and you know what the client is expecting. Time now to prepare another PPT and, this time, it’s an RFQ (Request for Quote).
A pitch video that tells what you can do for your clients with some snippets of your innovative ideas in it, it’s sure is a step higher in the impression ladder.

Now comes the part where quite impressed with your quotation the client asks you to submit a proposal. Here’s when you send out another RFP (Request for Proposal) which consists of your proposal of the solution that will help the client to improve their revenues. Every business aims to “transform” and when you give ideas to the customers which improve his sales from top line to bottom line, then he/she will definitely consider you above the rest.
After the client has finally been impressed by your proposal, it’s time he/she will make a visit to you. In order to win a customer, here you can again make another presentation that talks about your products, services and your track record. Try and create a synopsis and highlight your strengths. Be a little different and include the challenges that might arise. Everyone talks about ‘how good they are’. You can put a list of challenges which might come during the execution of the project. Show all these with an animated pitch video and give plenty of time to the customer to speak.
However, you should never forget that client will also visit your competitor before signing the deal with you, they will have at least 5 quotations at their desk. So, in order to be that company that bags the business, then think, act, and approach differently. And an amazing pitch video is a very beneficial tool that’ll help you win the coveted deal.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

3 Reasons why videos marketing is a stepping stone to business success

In the world of business, are you an eCommerce firm, an attorney, a dentist or a technical equipment manager? Adorn any hat, you need  video marketing to boost your business. Why? Because a video stands as a testimony to two things: today, it’s the best medium to convey information to consumers and video marketing tips it’s the most preferred medium to consume information.
Did you know that one-third of all online activity consists of watching videos? And this number is only growing. If your aim is to connect with the consumers, educate them about your brand, or to convert them into customers – wouldn’t it be a smart step to use videos that’s their preferred source of online content.
It’s no surprise that videos have been called content with the best ROI, by 51.9% of marketing professionals, worldwide. No other medium converts better than marketing videos with a success rate of 70%. However, that doesn’t mean that simply creating a video is the solution to all your marketing goals!
The right message, and the right production quality are some of the key components cannot be messed with and that’s actually what differentiates your brand.
The number of poorly-produced marketing videos roaming in cyberspace is quite astounding. So amidst all this, you only get one opportunity to stand out. One high quality video with the right targeted message and Boom – the next thing you know your business has taken a sky-rocketed leap! Here’s why:


On an average a user spends 88% more time on a website with a video. With shoppers too chances are they’re 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers. The word “video” in email subject lines can boost open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.
On social networks, video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.


Web pages are 53 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page, if they have a video and companies with video generate 41% more online traffic than those without it. But the process of making all videos is not the same.
YouTube keeps track of seconds watched, comments, shares, likes and websites hosting your video on the ranking video content meter, and not views.
And there’s no doubt that a professionally crafted, visual engaging piece receives more of the above than a poorly-produced, grainy video. Quality of the content should be such that viewers would want to watch and share that will further way for users to find and engage with your brand.
Quality content not just impacts your search ranking, but enjoyment of video ads increases consumer purchase intent by 97% too.


The average conversion rate of websites using video is 4.8% versus 2.9% for those to keep video content at bay. Therefore, businesses who use video grow revenue 49% faster year-over-year than companies who don’t.
If you’re ready and excited to see what a video can do for your business, then call us today and let the magic begin!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

5 Predictions for animated marketing videos in 2017

Explainer video should be a part of your next marketing strategy as it’s reach is kickass. There’s no way you can engage website visitors better and increase click-through rates.
Because of their growing popularity in digital marketing campaigns, the future of these videos look bright. But just putting a lot of creativity in video creation is not enough. The world of digital marketing is demanding in terms of freshness and changes in the way the videos are marketed.
Based on this, we’ve made the following predictions for you to keep in mind be churn out the best explainer videos in the year 2017.

1. Whiteboard animation is no more popular:

Whiteboard animation was once a very popular, with it is innovativeness and freshness lent to regular Explainer video. The whole idea of a blank whiteboard transforming, growing and evolving into a fully formed product was fascinating and unique. But then, every innovation has a shelf-life. Like any other trend, everybody started doing whiteboard animation. There’s always a caution that comes with this style. If it’s a badly done one then it can cost a lot to your brand and product. And to be truthful, viewers are tired and there’s no single viral whiteboard explainer video that has gone viral recently… let’s hope we see them rise again.

2. 3D – The new way to go:

The future of animation looks capsuled in 3D. Due to the rise in demand in explainer video services, 3D has become both better looking and affordable than ever before. Some of the business concepts only look good in 3D than others. 3D animation helps you create a lifelike prototype of your vision. It’s strength lies in how throughout the video you’ll see every object interacts with others just like it would in real life. Any product can come alive with 3D animation. This gives a preview to the viewers what the product is all about before it exists in real life.

3. Make changes in a video based on different platforms:

It’s not a good idea to create a single video and use it across all online platforms. Here’s why… users are served in different ways in each of these online platform. For instance, on your website, your best explainer video can be 60-120 seconds, or even more. But when we talk about a more popular online platform like Facebook, the focus of the user is not constricted to your video alone, but on a 10 different things on his feed. So, to maximise your video’s effectiveness, tailor it to platform it’s showcased on. Some explainer video companies understand well and hence create short and sweet videos for various online platforms. These short videos immediately convey the core message to their audiences.

4. Mobile-friendly design:

Today most of the online viewers are using mobile devices. So, while creating an animated explainer video, this has to be taken into account. You may have an engaging, informative video, but if it fails to create the same impression on the smartphone, you have lost a major chunk of audience! For the mobile version, The text of the video needs to be big, bold, and to the point. Text heavy video do not work at all, each screen of text should have 3 to 5 words arranged in a clear way.

5. Use elements from your video in other campaigns:

If you have created an animation explainer video with a character that represents your brand, you can also use the same for other marketing campaigns to get as much value out of it as possible. The mascot can be used for presentations, and other marketing collaterals. This will greatly help your customers identify your brand easily and it’s campaigns.
To sum up we can say that you should definitely incorporate animated marketing videos to your upcoming marketing strategy in 2017. PitchWorx specializes in producing high converting explainer videos for business and help you cut through the clutter.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Animation industry in the midst of an exciting shift

Apart from writing about “BoJack Horseman”, the serialized cartoon on Netflix, there’s a lot happening in the world of animation that needs our attention.
Other brilliant adult cartoon like “Bob Burgers” and “BoJack Horseman”, is “Archer”, which has links to the offbeat style that was pioneered brilliantly by Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim shows in 2001; shows like “Family Guy”, that are still in the innovation phase, as are “The Simpsons and “South Park”. Then of course there are some of the biggest feature films that shined the big screen like “The LEGO Movie” and “Frozen, not to forget throngs of interesting anime and other foreign animation styles.

When Corey Campodonico and Alex Bulkley, co-founders of animation company Shadow Machine which worked on “BoJack”, when asked about the state of the industry say that it’s something of a golden age, then we would definitely like to go by it.
“It’s pretty booming all around”, says Campodonico who believes, there’s a lot of changes going on, with a lot of new styles and a lot of new voices. What we’re witnessing is a generational shift from the Looney Tunes era to the era of Simpsons to now something that’s totally new.
WIth shows like ‘Simpsons’ and ‘South Park’ that are running on 20-plus years and which most of us have grown up watching with as adult animation norm. Before this period the past generation took animation as kid’s format, so stories told in this format would be just a second-hand thought, says Campodonica.
Bulkley believes, there’s a sophisticated audience out there, and that’s pretty interesting. Animation suddenly becomes this format much like live action. A way to reinforce what your storytelling is, and that’s a big opportunity.”
The new technology is also favoring animation a lot and making it much easier. Earlier, when stop-motion animation was done for Adult Swim, it was right on the cusp of all cameras going digital, says, Bulkley. Then came the evolution of digital cameras, and that format took off by way of a digital workflow that increased the speed and efficiency and even brought the cost down in ways which things could be done.
With Adobe products, from Photoshop and Flash, kids are growing up learning a lot in 2D formats. This gives a much bigger pool of talent familiar with the software and that certainly speeds up the process. But even as technology is improving by the day, audiences are keen on watching simple animation.
Today the world is standing at a boom of adult animation across the whole animation industry and which truly is a golden age.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Make that Perfect 2D Animated Video with the Right Animation Studio

Animation as a technology is touching lives rapidly with no signs of stopping. Lives of students, entrepreneurs, business tycoons and every other person in the world uses and benefits from it. It’s a technology-based world that’s evolving real quickly. In this varied world, 2D and 3D technology is changing the meaning of visualization and virtual entertainment completely. I mean who doesn’t get tempted seeing a TV show or a modern game that’s abundant with rich and high quality of animation.
Today, smart business people also know that to woo, entertain potential clients boring presentation is going to take them no where. So, what do they do? Create animation videos with their intended message and colorful graphics to build brand recognition. 2D animation studios are responsible for making videos that are high in demand and captivating. So, making sure to select the right production company becomes crucial. As your video is a reflection of your brand, and a great way to make the right impression on the potential customers, compromise on quality is like half-baked cake. So, how do you finalize which studio you want to work with? Before, taking that final call. it’s important you do a research on the options you have. Evaluate previous videos made by the studio, is their work visually ace? Do their videos tell a great story? How is the music selection in the videos? Keep a few factors in mind when you’re comparing different animation studio:
An explainer video is made to build a bond between a brand and the viewer, and a good storyline acts a medium to achieve this. Humor also plays a vital role, although in cases formality is needed. Pay attention to all these details as you watch a company’s video, you’ll know story is good if the underlying message comes across properly.
It’s all about the video! One that’s full of perplexing graphics is of no use. Same goes with the overall design; the sketches should be original and pleasing. And if you’re video is being made in motion graphic then drawings need to be modern and attractive. The video as a marketing tool is a part of the entire marketing campaign, always look out for the studio’s logo, brand or website.
Done by a professional speaker with a proper command of tone and genre, based on the requirement in the video. Customer service and communication Many studios produce good quality videos at affordable prices, but they don’t pay attention to customer service. Before working together, it becomes important establish an open dialogue and get good customer service that helps in producing a good video. Active participation of the client at every stage of production brings out the best result in the end. Well, that’s not all. Incorporating an animated explainer video into a business’ marketing strategy can be a drawn-out task but a studio does all the heavy-lifting for you. All you need to do is stay with us for our next article where we talk about some more points to keep in mind when you’re in search of a studio to make a 2D animation video for you!