Thursday, 27 July 2017

Where are you planning to put your Animated Explainer Video?

The state's been set. Your perfect explainer for business is ready. All the elements like script, storyboard, music, the voice-over in explainer video, editing etc, have come out played their parts and everything’s in place now. Right?
Wrong! No matter how well an animated explainer video has been made, it’s a total waste if people don’t see it. Sad but true!! That’s exactly where most brands falter. The amount of money they spend on making the video, not even a little of that is spent on thinking about what to do with the final product. Well, folks, it’s time to market your video. And if you’re caught up in a bit of a fix then you’ve knocked on the right door for advice. Brace yourself and get ready to market your videos.
Number 1: Where will you Place it on your Site
Where is your animated explainer video going to be placed? Well, if you don’t have a definite answer to this question then place it somewhere where it adds the most value for your potential customers. This completely depends upon where the main focus of your website lies and also a great deal of the content of the video. Placing the videos on places where most of the visitors drop off can lead to a successful transaction, which is the main aim of having a website in the first place. Conversion is what you’re targeting at then you might want to place your video on the front or center position. That’s where it has a great chance of grabbing maximum attention.
Mobile Optimization
M-commerce is a huge market that you can dive into and take full advantage of. Mobile optimization is not something to give a miss and for that, your video has to be in a mobile-friendly format. An HTML5 video player is a must for the video to play across all devices, It’s the latest version of HTML and comes with better multimedia functionality.
Because of this added functionality, Apple and other Android manufacturers have decided to abort support for Flash on mobile devices. So if you want your animated explainer video to play on iPods and iPhones then you must have an HTML5 player.
Distribute the Video to the Places
Before talking about the placement, think about why you made the video in the first place. Based on the goals you’re trying to achieve with the marketing campaign videos should be placed on the website.
Some videos are made with the sole motive to increasing web traffic and keep them there. For this, you have to employ a secure hosting platform and embed the video directly on the page.
Next, if you’re animated explainer video’s goal is to raise brand awareness then you’ll have to distribute the video in places where it’s likely to get the maximum amount of visibility. And of course, Youtube should be at the top of the priority list for that. But don’t limit yourself, make sure your explainer is present across all your owned, paid and earned platforms. The more people see your video the more it will be shared like a cycle. More views – more shares – more views! Give people a reason to like, view and share your video. Keep the tone of entertainment high as videos that are too promotional with and scream to be sold are not liked by the audience.
We hope these few tips are highly beneficial to your marketing campaign simply remember where you place your animated explainer video is equally important as how well it’s made.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

5 Must-have inspirational art books for all creative animators

It’s inspiration time! If you’re a creative and have a curious bend on the world of animation then start your new year with a bookshelf that’s jammed with inspiration, from amazing animation to movie concepts art masterpieces to comic genius. Well, let’s face it, we all know how sitting in front of a blank computer screen, wishing for some source of inspiration feels like.
This one’s Disney’s most overlooked classics, commended by critics it finally gets the appraisal it deserves. Well, if you’re a big fan of Disney’s golden era or just simply want to delve into the beginning credits of the most successful and well-loved animation firm till date, then grab a copy and learn a thing or two from this timeless classic.
The word “epic”, has been played around with a lot, but in case of this collection, it’s a term that’s not going get wasted. If you take a look at the artist’s obsessively detailed work, you’ll know what we’re talking about. It’s hard to not get sucked in with passion for detail of this kind.
Seeley allows you to get fully absorbed in his process. There’s no way you won’t be amazed with his unique approach and how his dynamic compositions came about. From illustrating trading cards to large scale book illustrations using a variety of techniques, you can trace back the origin of a great legend.

This summer blockbuster did not in any way fall short of critics and fans raving. Along with it, the complimenting art book is also no less impressive. Being a cultural phenomenon, Mad Max is a source of inspiration for countless post-apocalyptic universes. Here you get to see how the original vision was re-created in the modern age. The book was written to reveal how the popular franchise was revived, the considerate use of special effects, creating a cinematic wonder had been thought to be all but lost.

The eyes of the dying obsessive and a great artist will take you on a mad journey in world literature, shown in a handsome tone. With the bulk of art books produced by Taschen, this reproduction of educated English, William Blake won’t invoke hernias.
Get ready for an unfettered deluge of nostalgia, if you miss those days when Drew Struzan and Co, illustrated your favorite movie blockbuster posters. Look no further, this book is dedicated to those long forgotten eyeball-grabbing video cassette case days. Don’t be surprised to see some gaudy, tacky and overblown art. But that doesn’t make the imagery any less iconic. If you’re among-st the many artists who are still harboring back to the 80’s their book covers, ads and more inspired by exploitation films, can take a look at the real deal.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Secret Weapon of Successful Businesses: Animated Explainer Videos

Can you tell what your business does in one sentence? Whatever you say, it better be good as people are most likely to forget it about three seconds after hearing. That’s the whole idea behind business pitches – the ability to sum up what your business does in a quick and succinct manner. And all thanks to technology the elevator pitches have improved to something called animated explainer videos.
More and more people are introduced to your product with explainer videos
Videos give you a chance to quickly build trust with your audience
With the help of explainer videos, you can have a deeper connection with your customers and build a relationship that lasts for a long time.
We now look at why successful companies have chosen animated explainer videos as their secret weapon.
No better way of explaining your product in a simple and engaging way
If you’re not able to convey what your product does and then there’s no way people are going to be interested in it. A good animated explainer video makes sure people understand your product and engage them to listen to your message the whole time.
According to a web use study, the average attention span of humans is 8 seconds The apparent increase in simulation has made it hard for humans to hold attention on a particular thing. Why you need to know this piece of information? Because it shows that businesses only have 8 seconds to capture attention with the attractive landing page. Not only do you need to show that you value your customers very much you also need to do it real fast.
That’s where animated explainer videos come into play.
Along with giving out maximum information about your business, they’re great at holding attention.
According to Animoto’s study, 71% of respondents agreed that watching a business video left with them with a positive impression of a company. And more notably, 58%, considered companies who produce video content to be more trustworthy. A good video can easily be differentiated from the bad one. When people realize a high quality video, they are bound to pay attention, they know there’s some serious work behind it. It also plays as a social proof, high quality gives out the message that it took money and time to get it ready, so there must be serious value in the message of the animated explainer video.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Look your professional best with powerpoint presentation design

Do you know the difference between a tailor-made suit and one you randomly bought of the rack? You can definitely go with the latter, but it won’t get you noticed and it won’t wow your audience. You’ve got to make an impression, what would you see yourself wearing?
The same thought process applies to custom-made PowerPoint presentation design and the run-of-the-mill, do-it-yourself variety. You maybe well-versed in using bullet points, clip art and stock photos, but is that really what you’re going to present when you’re pitching to a game-changing client?
The competition is tough out there and there maybe ten or more presentations like yours going after the same money, bid, project or client. You want to be the one who ‘stands out’ right?
Great design automatically gives you an upperhand and show you as kind of person or person who goes that extra mile in business. Let’s look at 7 reasons why you need PowerPoint presentation design.
1: Your content maybe the best and the most cutting-edge ideas, products or services, but if they are not presented in an amazing way they’ll fail to be amazing and neither will be memorable.
2. You don’t want to spend your precious time battling with PowerPoint and dealing with templates that don’t fit and aren’t set right, searching for perfect images or struggling to get your multimedia to work properly.
3. Usually projects that are complex in nature, especially those that require more than one presentation are time-consuming. Each presentation requires adherence to brand guidelines while having its own distinct look. Professional PowerPoint presentation makers have the right skills cohesion to different sets of disparate presentations.
4. Effective multimedia is a better way of selling an idea that words alone can never achieve. And PowerPoint presentation experts seamlessly integrate in the latest in video, audio and animation in the most effective way in a presentation.
5. A professional expert can help you wipe out the unessential, integrating the necessary information to be shown and presenting them in the most impressive way.
6. A great design will always make you look like you know what you’re doing; this helps a lot in building trust with your audience and they start trusting in you and your brand and it’s message.
7. Highly impressive, effective slides makes the job of a presenter very easy. It adds up to the your confidence when you’re presenting great slides in front of the audience and that confidence will help you sell your idea.
Ask yourself: do I have the skills and the time to do it right? If your answer is ‘no’ or ‘I am not sure’ then maybe it’s time to give a professional PowerPoint designer or a studio a call!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

8 Reasons Why an Animated Video is a ‘Must’ For Your Business

Do you remember how much beloved animated characters were for us when we were kids? Such is the charm of animated videos. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your worst mood, animated videos can surely lighten you up. From movies to products, animation has been helping everyone. Wondering how animation helps your business? Have a look at the listed below points:


Yes, we all do! Whether you are a kid or an adult, animation has been dear to us since ages. While watching the animation, we do not have to put in extra effort to concentrate on the content. The vibrant images in the animated videos are itself enough to grab the attention of a large audience. Many corporate firms take the help of business animated videos to introduce their product or service and that alone does all the trick. So what are your waiting for?


Suppose you are launching a product and for that, you have launched a video which explains only the technicalities. Do you think that video would be a good marketing tool? It might work if you are only targeting a specific audience. But in case your target group is a larger audience than a technical video with zero fun can land you into trouble. Invest in a good animation video production company and your marketing stage is almost done!


The images, storyboard and the voice over used in the animated videos by the corporate companies are so appealing to the audience’s emotions that they can easily relate to their situation. Short animated videos with its persuasive element can persuade the client to take an action in your favor instantly. Isn’t this just awesome!


Do you know why the mythological stories are produced in animated form? One, because animation appeals to all. Two because of its ability to simplify complex issues. The lively images with lots of contrasting colors in the animated videos can simplify the complex mythological tales. Use of easy language is one of the specialties of animated videos. Take advantage of it to illustrate the complexity of your product/service and viola your work is done!


Metaphors can bring abstract ideas into life. It can be a good news for your product/service if you are good at using metaphors to explain your product. Your client is much likely to connect themselves to your product/service on the proper use of metaphor. It can help clarify the objective and workflow of your product/service. Advertise your product/service creatively through the use of simple metaphor. Need I say anything more?


According to a proven fact, people remember what they see for a longer period than what they read. This can be an added benefit for corporate companies. Your product/service is bound to receive more attention if you launch it with short animated videos.


Don’t you want to be listed as one of the top search engine results? Well, animated video can make your dream come true. People always prefer to watch short videos rather than reading long articles. Videos convey a lot more within few words than long articles. A video plus an animated one? It is just a surplus to your business. Also because videos are more likely to get viral than the articles, therefore it will get more exposure and indeed more clients.


More views of your video mean increasing conversion rate. Psychology says people remember what they see than what they read. Plus the vibrant colors used in the animated videos compel the client to think about the service you are offering. Short animated videos of 1-2 mins will speak for itself. With more people viewing your video, the conversion rate will increase. Corporate companies have been lately using short animated video for their product/service and it has proved to be one of the best marketing tools.
I am sure by the time you are clear on the benefits of using an animated video. It will give an edge to your product. It saves your time explaining the complexities. Also, saves the client from a not so impressive technical video. The clients go happily having understood each detail. Also, you too would be contented with your product’s explanation. Isn’t this just enough to invest in a good animation video production company?

Thursday, 20 July 2017

How much content should be a part of your next animated explainer video?

The thought of taking up a new project, a brand new animated explainer video for a business is exciting! The energy of novice clients is contagious which keeps us spirited, the sole reason why we absolutely love kick off meetings. It’s fun to get to know about what they do and discuss the content they want to display in the video.
These meetings can go on for hours and are all about finding a way to distill the information that’ll fit into a conceivable video length.

But what is that perfect animated explainer video length?

30 seconds? A minute? 2 minutes? Well…. Lets find out!

The bottom line of an ideal explainer video length is that it depends on various factors, with the amount of content being the foremost. Some video concepts tend to follow the same pattern. For example in case of business video scripts you’ll see a pattern of: problem, solution, benefits and call-to-action!
You can begin by asking a lot of questions during the intro of your video. The numerous benefits your product comprises could be talked about or touched upon thereafter! But yes, it has to be constantly kept in mind that an animated explainer video script is not a narrative so some time to punch up the flavor of the script is an imperative.
Go on and read the following three tips to help you avoid saying too much or saying too little in your next explainer video.

Write down a video mission statement

Animated explainer videos always help accomplish one goal, not several, and your’s should not be any different. We know that these videos cost a lot, but the message spread should be strong enough to engage all the viewers or potential customers.
When our clients are provided with a brief, they are advised to crunch the mission of the video into one, short sentence. This is really helpful when making a draft of the script and make sure that everything in the narration is moving towards achieving that one goal. This way it’s simpler to identify and do away with the extra fluff.

Know your audience well

Have you identified a target audience? Do not try to appeal everyone with your animated explainer video! Even if your product is universal and can be used at an enterprise company and a university, try not to address both as your message may lose out it’s impact.
Also, don’t just appeal to ‘business people’. The use of adjectives and descriptors is what keeps the interest alive. Like maybe a a job title, age range, or you may even give them a name. Your target audience already has a lot knowledge about your content, so imagine how beneficial that may be to your product or business.
This determines how much explaining and educating you’ll need to do!

Decide a spot to place the video

Lastly, you need to find a spot to place your animated explainer video. It can be seen in multiple pockets of the web, but amidst all, there are a few popular channels where’s people watch videos the most!
How do you decide where to find the location? Simply by finding out whether the video is being pushed out to the consumers or whether they are choosing to watch it themselves.
The last words, that we are going to leave with is a simple mantra that says, ‘Keep it short, the shorter the better!’

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Why Whiteboard Animation is a Good News for Your Business

Remember when in school, how easy it was to remember something when the teacher drew it on the board? Well, whiteboard video company can do the same thing for you. It’s a sure thing that using whiteboard animation can be a lot more intimidating to the visitors of your website than using bold texts describing what you do. The short, crisp and creative feature of whiteboard animation video is compelling enough for the audience to pay effortless attention and understand what you want them to. Some explainer video companies provide whiteboard video animation services that can be a great marketing tool. Slide usage is gradually decreasing with the emergence of video animation. And that has positively affected their business. Let us now see what makes whiteboard video animation so unique as compared to other types of a marketing tool.
Not that whiteboard animation videos come free of cost, yet as compared to other forms of animated explainer videos, they are cheap. It is because they are charged on per minute basis. You can spend on whiteboard animation on two conditions: if you are working on a very tight budget and are producing a series of “how to” videos. With its simple and expressive feature, stepping into a whiteboard video animation company is something you are never going to regret!
As compared to conventional explainer videos, whiteboard animated videos take less time in production. Especially if you are working on a tight deadline, whiteboard animation can be of great help! With its simplicity, whiteboard video animation takes much less time to come to life.
Psychology says human mind retains visual information more accurately than in a textual form. And voila! Do we need any other reason to invest in a whiteboard video company? It creates interest among the audience and as a matter of fact, our minds are wired in such a way that it can grasp anything that is simple, interesting and engaging. So why not go for a whiteboard video animation this time to market your business?
When there is a necessity to incorporate lots of graphs, charts, and figures along with the facts, the conventional video keeps swinging between facts and figures. And sometimes it disrupts the entire message the video wants to convey. This is not the case with whiteboard video animation. It has the ability to convey both facts and figures simultaneously with ease.
Who wants to spend hours and hours in a presentation or a nice write up on your website? And if you remember your Physics classes in school, weren’t they more easily comprehensible if the teacher explained them by drawing on the whiteboards? Same goes with whiteboard animations. With simultaneous drawing and narration, it becomes more explanatory for the audience. With clear vision about your product or service, you are more likely to gain your client’s favor.
This is also one of the features that make whiteboard video animation unique from other explainer video types. You can use real or any photographic image. It can give additional weight age to your explainer video. Although such images can comprise of only 10% to 15% of the entire video, yet it’s surely going to work in your favor especially if it’s a product that you are pitching about.
Do you want your viewers to turn into customers? Well, here is the trick. Use a whiteboard animated video on the first page of your website. Make sure it’s simple, fun and most importantly, it clarifies your product or service and your purpose of creating the video. This simple trick can do the trick and soon you’ll be pleased to see the graph of your conversion rate move upwards.
So, are you now ready to use whiteboard animation as a new marketing tool? I suppose yes! It’s fun to watch as well as informative, which is exactly what goes well with the needs of the customers. So, if you are looking for something that would give a new life to your business, you should definitely think about whiteboard animation video. You just need to contact a whiteboard video company and you are already half way through the best explainer video that your business needs.