Thursday, 1 December 2016

Make that perfect 2D animated video with the right animation studio

Animation as a technology is touching lives rapidly with no signs of stopping. Lives of students, entrepreneurs, business tycoons and every other person in the world uses and benefits from it. It’s a technology-based world that’s evolving real quickly. In this varied world, 2D and 3D technology is changing the meaning of visualization and virtual entertainment completely. I mean who doesn’t get tempted seeing a TV show or a modern game that’s abundant with rich and high quality of animation.
Today, smart business people also know that to woo, entertain potential clients boring presentation is going to take them no where. So, what do they do? Create animation videos with their intended message and colorful graphics to build brand recognition. 2D animation studios are responsible for making videos that are high in demand and captivating. So, making sure to select the right production company becomes crucial. As your video is a reflection of your brand, and a great way to make the right impression on the potential customers, compromise on quality is like half-baked cake. So, how do you finalize which studio you want to work with? Before, taking that final call. it’s important you do a research on the options you have. Evaluate previous videos made by the studio, is their work visually ace? Do their videos tell a great story? How is the music selection in the videos? Keep a few factors in mind when you’re comparing different animation studio:
An explainer video is made to build a bond between a brand and the viewer, and a good storyline acts a medium to achieve this. Humor also plays a vital role, although in cases formality is needed. Pay attention to all these details as you watch a company’s video, you’ll know story is good if the underlying message comes across properly.
It’s all about the video! One that’s full of perplexing graphics is of no use. Same goes with the overall design; the sketches should be original and pleasing. And if you’re video is being made in motion graphic then drawings need to be modern and attractive. The video as a marketing tool is a part of the entire marketing campaign, always look out for the studio’s logo, brand or website.
Done by a professional speaker with a proper command of tone and genre, based on the requirement in the video. Customer service and communication Many studios produce good quality videos at affordable prices, but they don’t pay attention to customer service. Before working together, it becomes important establish an open dialogue and get good customer service that helps in producing a good video. Active participation of the client at every stage of production brings out the best result in the end. Well, that’s not all. Incorporating an animated explainer video into a business’ marketing strategy can be a drawn-out task but a studio does all the heavy-lifting for you. All you need to do is stay with us for our next article where we talk about some more points to keep in mind when you’re in search of a studio to make a 2D animation video for you!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How an Infographic Design Adds to Social Selling!

The forefront of any business is the “sales” it makes. While other paraphernalia might be important to a business’ concern, the most important and highly critical criterion of a successful business is the amount of sales it generates.
Sales processes have broken barriers and traditional channels of selling are now being complemented by “social selling”. What is this new buzzword that’s all over the place?
Social selling isn’t just kick starting a sales process with social media tools like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, it encompasses a much more important meaning. It aims at building a strong personal brand employing the usage of content shared across social platforms. Affirming brand image comes with telling powerful stories and growing social connections. Social selling is what drives the future of sales in the present day era and anchors the future of your business.
To answer the question asked earlier, social selling is the process that helps social buyers (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn followers) and turn them into customers. Selling is not just about the sellers now, it has now shifted focus to the requirements of the customers. Businesses are adopting a new model that relies more on customer empathy than one-dimensional selling.
An important catalyst in social selling is how you attract your audience members. Design usually plays a crucial role in adding that “pull”. That’s why companies consider infographic designs as the most common tool for driving more traffic to their website.
Infographics bear attention-grabbing content and are easily shareable, which has a positive influence on your customers’ purchase decisions. Infographics also boost the awareness of your brand, manifold! With the power of going viral, an infographic catapults your brand to the top and drives more visibility to it. In today’s competitive world, it can be rightly said that an infographic design with it’s visual panache adds more substance to your business, helping convert website visitors into long-term customers.
The selling power that an infographic bestows you with is unimaginably magnanimous, allowing you to showcase your brand and its offerings, thus adding more to your sales funnel!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Think before you approach an animation video company

You’ve been with us from our last article Make that perfect 2D animated video with the right animation video company. In this article, you will learn some additional factors you must keep in mind before you sign up with a 2D animation studio for an explainer video.
What do past clients have to say about the animation studio? Reviews, ratings, recommendations, and testimonials on their websites or LinkedIn profiles help determine this.
Doing, this gives you the confidence to choose the production house without any hesitation.

A good animation studio will guide you properly when it comes to selection of style for the video ( whiteboard animation, motion graphics, character animation ), duration and much more for the video.
You know your company/brand better but a good studio will have expertise in the field. Make it a point to listen to their recommendations even in case of disagreement. There are cases when an excellent video is required in a short time the entire team works together, but otherwise a vendor which agrees to everything the client says lacks in giving quality products.
How much do you want to spend on your explainer video? Well, if you’re a startup or a company with low-budget then it’s best for you to hire a freelancer, who’ll take the entire production from script-writing to post-production.
Next option is you can use one of the high-quality templates available. But doing that there’s always a risk that the pre-made template has already been used in a video by another company.
But if you have no budget constraints and you want to be a stand out then go ahead and hire a studio. Search with keywords like “ startup videos “, “ 2D animated videos “ , “ corporate videos “, etc.

Big studios are laden with an expert team of professionals like scriptwriters, illustrators, directors, voice-over specialists, animators and post-producers.

Ok. Your video is now ready! Will the company help your video get the correct platform as a marketing tool? Where will you upload the video? What will be the language used? Do you want other versions of the video with different calls-to-action ( CTA )? All production company have customized ways of handling extra service, they should fully understand your requirements and your audience’s needs.

Did the animation studio of your choice pass the checklist? If yes, then go ahead and create that perfect explainer video for your business. You’re safe and good to go!

Monday, 28 November 2016

3 Reasons why videos marketing is a stepping stone to business success

In the world of business, are you an eCommerce firm, an attorney, a dentist or a technical equipment manager? Adorn any hat, you need  video marketing to boost your business. Why? Because a video stands as a testimony to two things: today, it’s the best medium to convey information to consumers and video marketing tips it’s the most preferred medium to consume information.
Did you know that one-third of all online activity consists of watching videos? And this number is only growing. If your aim is to connect with the consumers, educate them about your brand, or to convert them into customers – wouldn’t it be a smart step to use videos that’s their preferred source of online content.
It’s no surprise that videos have been called content with the best ROI, by 51.9% of marketing professionals, worldwide. No other medium converts better than marketing videos with a success rate of 70%. However, that doesn’t mean that simply creating a video is the solution to all your marketing goals!
The right message, and the right production quality are some of the key components cannot be messed with and that’s actually what differentiates your brand.
The number of poorly-produced marketing videos roaming in cyberspace is quite astounding. So amidst all this, you only get one opportunity to stand out. One high quality video with the right targeted message and Boom – the next thing you know your business has taken a sky-rocketed leap! Here’s why:


On an average a user spends 88% more time on a website with a video. With shoppers too chances are they’re 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers. The word “video” in email subject lines can boost open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.
On social networks, video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.


Web pages are 53 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page, if they have a video and companies with video generate 41% more online traffic than those without it. But the process of making all videos is not the same.
YouTube keeps track of seconds watched, comments, shares, likes and websites hosting your video on the ranking video content meter, and not views.
And there’s no doubt that a professionally crafted, visual engaging piece receives more of the above than a poorly-produced, grainy video. Quality of the content should be such that viewers would want to watch and share that will further way for users to find and engage with your brand.
Quality content not just impacts your search ranking, but enjoyment of video ads increases consumer purchase intent by 97% too.


The average conversion rate of websites using video is 4.8% versus 2.9% for those to keep video content at bay. Therefore, businesses who use video grow revenue 49% faster year-over-year than companies who don’t.
If you’re ready and excited to see what a video can do for your business, then call us today and let the magic begin!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Why use custom infographic designs in your content driven marketing strategy?

We exist in an age of Big Data which means that there is more data than our brains can process. On an average we create close to 2 million videos, 1.5 billion pieces of textual/visual and close to 175 million tweets in a day! So how do we filter unwanted content from this huge pool of data that we create daily?
We are always attempting to organizing data most meaningful to us and making it accessible. How can we go about achieving it, in a way that makes data collation easy for people? It can be said that consuming information from the internet is akin to forcing your brain to ingest more information than it can process. So which is the easy way out to organize and curate data that makes consumption a tad bit less complex?
The answer to all the above-asked question is custom infographic designs; that helps organize data in a way that plays more on the “accessibility” quotient!
An infographic is a combination of text and graphic that presents textual information in a visual shorthand. It is a cohesive interplay of words, design, and images that helps simplify complex information in an easy to understand format! Employing an infographic is an essential component of content-driven digital marketing strategies! It narrates complex data in the form of a compelling visual story! An infographic plays data and graphical content in a way that attracts eyeballs, delivering your story in a way that makes it easy for people to make sense out of!
An infographic driven presentation sparks more interest from people than a presentation that is purely verbal/textual. Inserting an infographic in your PowerPoint presentation makes it 30 times more likely to be read as opposed to a purely textual one! The most popular search engine Google recorded close to a whopping 70,000 searches bearing the string “infographics(s)” alone in 2013! A test also reveals that people remember 3/4th of what they see or do compare with 20% of what they read. As attention span of people is on an all time low (less than 8 seconds), the use of graphically driven information becomes a necessity for brands to be seen and associated with!
People love a good story, which is why companies should resort to using infographics to show facts, figures and statistics! The human brain is hardwired to learning more out of visual content than purely textual content which is one reason why brands should focus on communication through infographics. Infographics are eyeball-grabbing and owing to their compelling nature, drive more traffic to your website! From a more business and branding point of view, an infographic drives more brand awareness, courtesy its potential to go viral! A website with an infographic ranks higher on Google search too!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Beginner’s Guide to Good Infographic Designs

The quest for great looking designs is never ending. Since the turn of the millennium, the demand for good designs has plummeted skywards. Businesses are no longer isolated from the global marketplace and everything is out in the open, including fierce competition. The internet has spawned a movement where businesses are appreciative of designs that are eye-candy-esque enough to thwart competition out of the way. This in turn has led to a growing trend in online marketing, i.e. infographic designs:
An infographic is a visual representation of data or “data viz” as hipsters would call it! Data visualization is actually the art of simplifying complex data and displaying it in a way that makes it easier to grasp. An infographic is a blend of design and text that makes information easily assimilable.
Designing a compelling infographic is not everyone’s cup of tea, it requires people who have an acumen for delivering great visual narratives. The creator of infographic designs must know exactly how to convey the context of information effectively, through the medium of his design skills. Through this blog we’d love to share our experiences with readers. Here are a few dos and don’ts while creating infographics:
If infographics were as easy as laying out Excel sheets, companies like ours wouldn’t have had clients! True, there are many online tools that can create wonderful charts, graphs etc but if you need some tasteful designs that stand out, you need expert help.
The love for reading/hearing stories is ingrained in our systems. Everyone in this world loves a story and that is exactly why designers should focus more on the storytelling aspect of an infographic designs. Content and design should fuse in a logical way that sustains the interest of the audience. It is always better to have a flow like: Address problem-Data statistics that highlight the problem-Solution-Conclusion-Call to action.
Never stop brainstorming while you’re designing an infographic. Look for sources outside of the internet for inspiration. Don’t let that mental machinery stop spinning! 7UP’s ad taught us that “normal is boring”; the same holds true if you’re looking at creating eye-ball grabbing narratives. Ordinary pieces would never garner the attention of prospects, you ought to add a dash of creativity!
In order to deliver an impact, don’t simply depend too much on typography; instead, be more creative and focus more on using visualizations that would exactly communicate your message in the most succinct way. Try to visualize on how well you can relay information without relying on typography.
To conclude, it is important to focus on the effectiveness of the message contained in the infographic instead of having the design (per se) overpowering it. Infographic designing is an effective tool for digital marketing if deployed properly! The aim is to create something so awesome, that people have little option but to ogle at it!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The importance of call-to-action (CTA) in animated explainer videos

Finally your superb explainer video in which you’ve invested in thousand, (or probably more) is ready. Time for investments to pay off in the form of marked up conversions. Let’s say you’ve successfully enticed the viewer to view your animated explainer video till the end. Do you leave it there? Well, now is the time for a Call-to-Action (CTA). Strategically, brands produce content that’s extremely entertaining always leaving the audience hungry for more. When a video reaches a point where the audience is convinced of the brand that’s when a CTA comes in.
1. While browsing the internet, we always come across a “click here”, “submit” or a “buy now button”. Over the last few years the online marketing communities have come up with diverse ways to make the CTA’s no less than art. Irresistible and creative offers for the consumers to visualize what happens next after they “click”.
CTA’s in animated explainer videos ask the viewers to “learn more” or “try now” instructing them to take action ultimately to start spinning and make money. Follow a few tips to know which call-to-action perfectly fits your animated explainer video bill.
If the viewers are watching the videos at social networking sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe or Facebook then driving traffic to your website is compulsory. In this case using annotations is a good idea to avoid distractions. The viewer should not move away and stick to your video. A “visit our page” can be a good CTA here.
2. Once your animated explainer video lands on your website, it’s time to take the next step. The video should have your desired call-to-action, i.e; the action you want the viewers to take. They should convert from viewers to customers after watching the CTA. A strong
one like a “Download now”, or “Join our campaign” or a “Add to your cart”.
3. Sometimes offering the audience to watch more videos like, “Subscribe us to watch more videos like this” can be a good idea. Viewers can be encouraged to be in touch via emails or call or both, maybe. Having more than one Call-to-action at the end of your animated explainer videos is a good idea any day.
4. Remember not to make use of CTA’s that are not helpful in promoting your animated explainer videos. A simple “Join me now” button at the end of the video where a visitor is stuck and doesn’t know how to respond and cannot enter the website, is always a bad option. Avoid giving lengthy form to fill as that is also not a good idea to consider as it creates a pressure on the visitor which eventually leads him/her to leave the page and go someplace else.
Ask people to join conversation at your discussion board maybe through committed hash tag. Start a poll that’ll pull the viewer’s attention.
You can offer a free trial or discount coupons. After the first free trial ask them to signup for the next tutorials if its being done on a regular basis.
Whether you’re looking to boost your visibility, sell your product, make profit or are simply giving out useful information, the purpose with which you’re creating an animated explainer video should always match the call-to-action for best desired results.