Sunday, 15 October 2017

Five trending places your animated marketing videos should be placed on

The world has officially entered the phase where all content marketing efforts are going to be directed to videos. Yes! Wonder why it’s no surprise that social media giants like Facebook have already invested millions of dollars to boost their new live feature of live videos. Instagram and Snapchat are battling out there to come on top of as winners in video marketing game. Video marketing for business shot up in 2016 and 2017 has already become a year where all brands are just going for the kill.
Amidst this chaos, there’s one stream of video marketing that has caught the attention of millions. Animated marketing videos! The purpose of such videos is to offer valuable content customized for its audiences. It attracts, engages and converts your visitors. So why not put one or two of these darlings down your marketing funnel?
Animation tends to stir emotional and visual stimulation and add that “wow” factor that makes any video content unforgettable. But, only having a great animation marketing video is not enough, you need to know exactly where you can put them so that it becomes easy for your audience to sight them. You want the best results, right? So choose a place that will drive the maximum number of visitors to your website and increases your conversion rate.
So, go on and find 5 great spots to place your animated marketing videos and some add-on tips on how to go about it.


You’ve spent time, money, resources in getting one made, don’t you think it deserves the spotlight? It sure does.
Placing one right above the fold on a landing page increases the average visit time by 2 minutes. It’s a proven fact! It helps reduce bounce rate and brackets your site higher on any search engine like Google. A well-made animated business video can make your brand famous in seconds. Today, it’s the best way to make the audience understand what you do, how you do it and how it’ll make the lives of your potential customer easier. But, if this marketing genius is hidden behind a pile of texts, then your visitors will not even get to them that’ll eventually make you lose out on them.


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. This means that if your viewers will not see your animated marketing video powerful search engine, used for marketing then you’re bound to incur losses. It’s not easy to grab first rankings in regular video search, but the fact that your video is there on YouTube gives you the opportunity to track untapped attention for free! You know what else helps boost visibility: paid promotions. That’s the main reason why your marketing videos cannot miss their place on YouTube.


Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg himself announced that Facebook will focus more on video marketing. That’s not just great news for social media marketing but online advertisers should also sit up and take notice. Facebook – the world’s largest social network is hinting its inclination toward native video promotion itself. While Facebook takes care of that, you should continue to promote compelling posts with videos on them. And you should begin right away.


We talked about the potential Facebook holds for marketing videos, but that in no way means that we can rule out other social networks that have played their own video marketing moves. Twitter has launched a beta version of Promoted Video Ads. It;s pay-per-click service that allows advertisers native video promotion and the possibility to check the results with proper analytics. Pinterest too now has come to the forefront and encourages video promotion. Instagram and Vine also do things similarly.


One sure way to boost your SEO (search engine optimization) is by placing your animated marketing videos on blog posts.If viewers click on the video and end up watching the whole thing that’s embedded in your blog, your online visibility will eventually increase, Google ranking will soar and more people will be attracted to your blogs!
We hope these few tips will help you make your video marketing campaigns a hit. Tell us how it went.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

3 reasons why animated explainer videos kill high bounce rates

That feeling of alienation when people keep leaving your website after a quick glance is shattering right? It seems like someone is posting a hindrance from engaging with your potential customers. If you still don't know whose your company’s #1 enemy is yet, then we’ve got a name for it, it’s called Bounce Rate – the percentage of visitors who visit your website and leave it without visiting any other page on your site.
It results in no leads, no engagement, no conversion, no sales, no nothing. In order to prevent this evil power grow bigger and take over what you require is an animated explainer video!
It’s the only way you can explain in an entertaining and engaging way, who are you, what you do and how you’re ready to solve your audience’s problem.
Let’s go through three main abilities that prove why animated explainer videos have the traits of a superhero that can save your day:


It’s no surprise that the human attention span is lower than that of a goldfish’s which is just about 8 seconds long, and primarily the main factor that feeds our enemy, bounce rate.
Don’t feel dejected. With an animated explainer video on your landing page, you’ll capture viewer’s attention immediately, and it’s guaranteed they’ll stay an average 2 minutes longer. So that’s a quantum leap from mere 8 seconds, that’s an instant 1500% boost!
Play smart, and place it above the fold where it can grab immediate attention. Make it big, bold and appealing. You can go for an attractive still image to lure your audience to press play.


A number of time visitors spend navigating your website has a direct link with your rank on search engines. If you’re not visible on Google, it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, because nobody will be able to find it.
You should be able to locate the bounce rate and your animated explainer video should have the power to kill it. Visitors should stay longer on your page and eventually turn into customers. An animated video has better chances, in fact, 53 times more likely to appear on Google’s first pages than just plain simple text.
Here’s a trick: you can add relevant keywords to your animated explainer video’s headline on your website, blog or YouTube channel. Make sure it's a smooth ride for your visitors because the more at home they feel, the easier your bounce rate will lower to zero.


What’s most destructive is that bounce rate tells you in numbers, a number of people that didn’t engage with your business, which is the greatest marketing weakness. In other words, bounce rate reveals the truth that you’re losing money.
Remember that an animated explainer video that lasts more than 2 minutes sometimes works otherwise as the audience doesn’t get a business idea quickly, leaving it in the middle and not watching till completion.
But if it’s expertly crafted and is well under 2 minutes then you win 65% more chances to convert visitors into customers, leaving the evil bounce rate defeated and useless.
Create an animated explainer video for your brand, increase time-on-page, boost conversion rates and defeat bounce rate once and for all!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

5 Tips on How to Deliver the Perfect Business Pitch to Investors

It takes more than just courage and a giant leap of faith to be a successful entrepreneur! You’ve got to learn the art of pitching. Entrepreneurs these days have some amazing ideas, but fail miserably when they have to relay them to prospective investors. The root cause? Lack of a medium that can foster good communication between the entrepreneur and the investor. Irrespective of how ‘cutting edge’ your business idea is, if you can’t pitch it, you can’t win it!


This assumes primary importance. Do some research on your investors, whom you’re trying to pitch to. You’ve got to work on their trigger points, for instance, what drives their interest, how exactly they function etc. Pick out the perfect strategy that aligns your business ideas with their mode of operation and voila!


Get over boring statistics-driven business pitches! The idea is to impress your investor. You need a business pitch that will immediately stir their interest and be loading it exclusively with statistical data would kill it! Instead, you should develop your business pitch in the style of an engaging story. The best way to come up with a story is to craft a visually compelling PowerPoint presentation.


Reading every line out of your presentations forms a poor first impression on your investors. Focus on key points and elaborate upon them. Mention one key point in every slide and talk about it, while pitching to the investor.


You’ve got to know your investors before you pitch to them. Read their blogs, follow them on the internet, get to know of their achievements etc. You need to show to your investor that you’ve done prior research and that you’re worthy of their funding.


Your objective is to tell them your business story in a simple, easy-to-grasp format and not confuse them with fancy jargon and topsy-turvy logic! It is therefore important to pitch your ideas in a language that is easily understandable and is capable of communicating even the slightest details without any hassle.
Always remember that good communication is what builds long-time relations!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

How an Animated Explainer Video Credits Your Business

Whether you are a blooming startup or a renowned company in the market, you have to lean your shoulder on animated explainer videos to supplement your business. Explainer videos are the latest effective tool that helps boost your business. With its vivacious nature of portraying the agenda of the company, explainer videos have become the recent favorites of most animated explainer video companies across the globe. These videos take the audience away from all those tedious long articles to a vibrant space where it becomes easy for the clients to comprehend the main agenda of their business. Let us now consider the benefits creating animated videos.


Animated videos with its vibrant features have the strong ability to grab the attention of the clients within the blink of an eye. It’s a proven fact that the human mind doesn’t recollect every bit of information forced upon their already pensive mood. But with the captivating images engraved within the animated explainer videos, it becomes easier to persuade the clients on the reliability of the product. The visually appealing images tend to trigger the emotions of the audience which help them relate to their problems and focus on the solution that the company is willing to offer through such videos.


There is a popular saying, “Words tends to be misinterpreted the way they are used.” Such misinterpretation of words is likely to lose clients and hence generate the loss. In such a scenario, animated business videos can be of great help. With their unique, short and crisp script they tend to find solidarity with clients more easily. Plus, they are also great time savers as they depict a problem and a solution within just 1-2 mins as compared to articles that might take hours.


Now that interest has been generated and the client has a clear idea about your way of business, they are likely to get interested in buying your services instantly. Kudos to you! Animated explainer videos also help video animation companies to keep track of which product or service is gaining popularity among the clients. They only need to display the number of views and shares, your video receives.


Who doesn’t want a simplified life! With the growing hustle and bustle of city lives, an animated explainer video can be a treat for both clients as well as business companies. With its vigorous and easy way of portraying problems and solutions away from those tough and unnecessary long articles, animated explainer videos have indeed simplified business and added a glow to it.


Who doesn’t want to be on the first page of Google as well as other search engines’? Tediously long articles and unnecessary information on websites scare away clients and hence they choose not to read it due to their protracted nature. This leads to the poor ranking by Google. Animated explainer videos, however, within few seconds or a minute provide more information as compared to loads of unnecessary information. It impresses the clients heavily. Such impression might raise a possibility of the video going viral through various social media platforms, thereby increasing popularity.

Apart from these above-mentioned benefits, there are so many others interlinked with these. Video animation companies with their lively content have been grabbing the attention of millions worldwide. So why wait? Get ready to get more clients. All you need is a solid and an engaging script that would add credibility to your business.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Secret Weapon of Successful Businesses: Animated Explainer Videos

Can you tell what your business does in one sentence? Whatever you say, it better be good as people are most likely to forget it about three seconds after hearing. That’s the whole idea behind business pitches – the ability to sum up what your business does in a quick and succinct manner. And all thanks to technology the elevator pitches have improved to something called animated explainer videos.
More and more people are introduced to your product with explainer videos
Videos give you a chance to quickly build trust with your audience
With the help of explainer videos, you can have a deeper connection with your customers and build a relationship that lasts for a long time.
We now look at why successful companies have chosen animated explainer videos as their secret weapon.
No better way of explaining your product in a simple and engaging way
If you’re not able to convey what your product does and then there’s no way people are going to be interested in it. A good animated explainer video makes sure people understand your product and engage them to listen to your message the whole time.
According to a web use study, the average attention span of humans is 8 seconds The apparent increase in simulation has made it hard for humans to hold attention on a particular thing. Why you need to know this piece of information? Because it shows that businesses only have 8 seconds to capture attention with the attractive landing page. Not only do you need to show that you value your customers very much you also need to do it real fast.
That’s where animated explainer videos come into play.
Along with giving out maximum information about your business, they’re great at holding attention.
According to Animoto’s study, 71% of respondents agreed that watching a business video left with them with a positive impression of a company. And more notably, 58%, considered companies who produce video content to be more trustworthy. A good video can easily be differentiated from the bad one. When people realize a high quality video, they are bound to pay attention, they know there’s some serious work behind it. It also plays as a social proof, high quality gives out the message that it took money and time to get it ready, so there must be serious value in the message of the animated explainer video.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Bloom and blossom your brand, in three easy ways

Digital Media has already become the most opted platform by the companies to market their brand, products, and services. Digital Marketing has grown up on us and the target audience in terms of generating information, entertainment, sales/purchase and what not. Any news that the audience finds amusing or of great importance go viral in minutes. That is the power that Digital Media holds; efficient, effective and far-reaching with time management.
Earlier were the days, when advertisements on television and hoardings on the street were the most preferred medium. It still is, but there is less scope to evaluate the ROI in advertising and marketing, unlike Digital Marketing.
To create a market for your brand and product/services, there are three areas that have to be taken into consideration for effective results.


To promote, market and advertise your brand, you can share a description of the products/services on your different social networking platforms so that your target audience knows about your existence in the market. You can post photographs related to your product/service, promotional video, animated videos and what not. Vlogging and live videos are the latest trends that are taking over the whole social networking world on a rollercoaster.


A blog is a very interesting and essential approach to the social media marketing strategy. The tone of the words you choose in the formation of blogs should be apt to the description of the product. Like, you cannot write humorous blogs if your product is related to medicines. Why? Because it just doesn’t relate. If your product were, say, a scooter bike for a 13-year-old kid, then the content of your blog can be related to teenage years, and with humor too, so that the product appeals the kid. The words should be chosen wisely when writing the blog.
The blog should be concise and target audience oriented. The blog should portray the feeling that the blog is being addressed to the audience.


Whether it is kids, youth, parents or grandparents, who don't like to watch animated videos? Everybody does, right? Animated videos bring a sense of life to the product. Video marketing has become one of the wittiest ways to obtain brand visibility. By sharing/uploading videos or animated videos on several social networking platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, your product becomes far reaching the target audience in a shorter span of time, which is amazing! These social media websites help a lot in product promotion and brand visibility.
Since now you know the hacks to market your brand effectively through Social Media Marketing, what are you waiting for? Go grow that business of yours in all its glory.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

One minute animated explainer video can work wonders for your business

Want to give your start-up business a good push, but thinking how?
Let’s find the perfect answer for you. It is videos, not just any video but, animated explainer videos. If you’re an online marketer, you must be familiar with this term. Do you ever wonder what an explainer video is? How exactly will it increase customers for your business? What is the need to have one?
Explainer video – a phenomenon
Animated explainer videos are the most powerful way to communicate your business. The video maybe not more than 40 secs – 60 secs (one minute), they are smooth and easy deliverers of a message. To begin with, what you need is a creative script. It’s the foremost importance in creating a video and the script should be simple, compact and engaging.
That’s followed by animating characters, hiring a professional voice-over artist, background music, add a dash of humor into it and you got for your business a great video outcome. These explainer videos will help you promote your business marketing strategy.
One minute video for business promotion
Every viewer/potential customer has a question in mind, and an animated explainer video does the job of giving answers that boosts business promotion. Since it’s a video which accumulates lots of information about your business and products. We can say it’s like a small dynamite to increase and boost business revenues to heights.
Once your explainer video is ready, now you got to think how effectively you can utilize it to promote your product/service or brand? And if social media is on your mind then you’re almost correct. Let’s think of a way to go beyond social media.
How can we put animated explainer videos to maximum use to increase business sales?
A great way to do so is placing your animated explainer video on your landing page to give customers a better user experience and fetch a lot of information about your services. It improves search engine ranking and gives best marketing results to products and services. Increase your loyalty base and make it easy for the customers to decide and to make a deal with you. The use of social media in publishing and marketing videos can make your product or service go viral and reach soaring heights in conversion rates.
So today we bid adieu by encouraging all our readers who are online marketers to use animated explainer videos to showcase what’s special about a product that helps you in branding.